A Beginner's Guide to Orlando Gay Days


Is this your first year at Orlando's Gay Days festival? If it is, you're in for a fabulous journey, but you're going to need a road map to navigate your way through this wonderland of gay vacation delights. The Beginner's Guide includes information for both men and women coming to Gay Days. It is also a great resource even if you are a regular attendee since Gay Days grows each year.

Gay Days is an all-over town, something-for-everyone vacation extravaganza. The staff at GayDayS.com is proud to be an important part of making this the best vacation you'll ever have.

Some people come to Orlando during Gay Days just to enjoy the company of 150,000+ other gays and lesbians, but most are looking to fill their itineraries with fun, fun, fun.



It does take a little planning and information to be sure you get everywhere you want to be. Be sure to check our complete Calendar of Events since only the highlights are represented here.


lggroupcastle200 This guide describes the major categories of events, tells you how to get tickets, and gives you some ideas about transportation. Events tend to fall into three major categories:
  • Theme Park Visits 
  • Hotel events including the Gay Days Expo, welcome cocktail parties, pool parties, comedy, etc...!
  • City Parties - There are main events around town such as the Parliament House, and there are parties for both women and men.
For each category you'll find an Overview, a Getting Tickets section and a Getting There section. So, get your trip planner out and mark your route!

Theme Park Visits


The Gay Days festival started with a theme park visit, and theme park visits remain one of the most popular Gay Days activities. Always the first Saturday in June, Gay Day in the Magic Kingdom (at Walt Disney World) is still the signature event of the week. An estimated 50,000 red-shirted Gay Days attendees pack Walt Disney World's original park on that 1st Saturday in June. The 3 o'clock parade down Main Street always draws an unforgettable "sea of red" that can be seen from one end of the park to the other. 

Many Gay Days vacationers also like to plan some time to visit Disney's other parks (Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Disney's Hollywood Studios).



    Getting tickets

    • Theme park tickets will be available on this site.
    • Multi-day tickets are often a great idea if you plan on visiting more than one park, or visiting all the Disney parks during your stay.
    • None of the "gay days" are official park events and no special tickets are required.

    MK_3Getting there
    Disney Theme Parks

    • For theme park transportation, GayDayS.com is again offering a Host Hotel (an all-gay resort experience!) at the Gay Days Host Hotel with free transportation to Disney and other attractions.
    • If you are staying in another area of town, check with your hotel about scheduled transportation to theme parks.
    • Catch a cab during Gay Days, they are plentiful and there are plenty of people to share with if you stay at one of the host or co-host hotels.
    • Downtown Orlando and area night clubs are located about 10 miles from the tourist area. Shuttle or taxi transportation can be arranged from any attraction-area hotel. Check with the guest services desk. 

    Big, Big Events



    Although it all began with a daytime trip to Disney World, Gay Days has inspired and nurtured some of the largest and most incredible events & parties in the world. With some of the most imaginative and innovative venues found anywhere, Orlando's Gay Days has an unbeatable combination of attractions, events, and parties to help create a magical dream of a vacation week. From the tropical wonderland of the Gay Days Host Hotel , to the thrill rides of the Magic Kingdom, you're sure to find an event that will amaze and delight you.

    Check Out The Gay Days Calendar


     Getting Tickets

    • Tickets to attractions, plays, pool parties, and dance parties are available in advance online from GayDayS.com Ticket Booth. Many of these are available exclusively at GayDayS.com and sales are already brisk.
    • During the event, GayDayS.com will operate a Ticket and Merchandise Center at the Gay Days Host Hotel. Be forewarned however, events may sell out in advance!
    • Cash and credit cards are accepted at the Gay Days Ticket and Merchandise Center during the week at the Gay Days Host Hotel.

    wdwentertainmentlogoGetting There

    • Designated days at attractions held at WDW venues: Disney's parks are easily accessed by cab or hotel shuttle. Be sure to check shuttle times as the park hours might be outside regular shuttle hours.
    • Also consider renting a car, but be sure to have a designated driver if you plan on drinking. We want everyone to have a safe Gay Days.

    Hotel Events


    Pool Parties - Orlando is the perfect place to spend your days soaking up the hot sun and hot scenery around a sparkling hotel swimming pool. This low-stress treat gets even better when you're surrounded by hundreds of GUYS and GALS in Speedos and bikinis, sipping umbrella drinks and grooving to the sounds of some of the world's best known DJs! Pool parties will be held Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Gay Days Host Hotel  

    The Gay Days Expo, growing since it was first held in 1999, will be bigger and better again this year at the Gay Days Host Hotel . This event is free and open to the public with a wide variety of vendors, food, fun, and the Gay Days Ticket and Merchandise Center. Details are available at GayDaysExpo.com, the presenter of the event. Open Thursday through Sunday. Everyone loves this one.


    Getting Tickets

    Tickets are required for these pool events if you aren't registered through GayDayS.com as a hotel guest.

    Well, that's the bird's-eye view. Now all you've got to do is mark out your personal fun map and get packing! Your magical Gay Days journey is waiting for you!

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call toll free 1-888-942-9329 or Go online to order tickets.