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Facts and figures about one of the world's most valuable target markets-

How large is the U.S. gay market?
  • Kinsey says about 18.75 million.
  • Simmons says about 21 million.
  • NORC says about 15 million.
  • These three sources averaged out equal 18.25 million.
Greenfield Online's research of the gay market reports that:
  • 78 percent of gay online users prefer to buy from companies that advertise to the gay market.
  • 71 percent of gay online users have made credit card purchases online.
  • 43 percent of gay online users identify Gay.com as their favorite Web site.
Simmons' research (comparing gay consumers to the national index of consumers) reports that gay consumers are:
  • 71 percent male/29 percent female
  • Over twice as likely as national index to be professionals/managers
  • Twice as likely to have household income over $60K
  • Twice as likely to have household income over $250K
  • Twice as likely to have graduated from college
  • Three times more likely to be online than the average American
  • Four times as likely to spend over $150 on long distance monthly
  • Twice as likely to spend $250 on cellular service

    and that, of those surveyed:
  • Over 90 percent took a domestic trip this year
  • 60 percent took a foreign trip in the last three years
  • 65 percent identify themselves as having to have the "latest"
  • 68 percent upgrade to a product's latest model
  • 77 percent "believe in indulging themselves"
  • 57 percent "prefer to buy top of the line"
  • 59 percent buy themselves whatever they want